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Thursday, September 01, 2011

say goodbye..


3rd Of Syawal.

I ought to spend some time with family, going out and enjoy our fine last moments together.


sangat sangat sangat sangat akan merindui diorang semua nanti. sakit demam nax diorang la yang ada di sisi jaga naz. susah senang nangis ketawa tak senonoh naz diorang la yang ada di sisi.

dan sekarang, dalam lebih kurang 10 jam lagi naz bakal meninggalkan mereka, untuk meneruskan cita-cita. terpisahlah kami beribu batu.

mama, I'll always missed u, nights and days, your cooking, your jokes and your temper. I will miss the times we went out shopping, we quarrel and the moment where we enjoy picking up fights with each other. I make u cry, u make me cry, but you stay strong by my side, 'till i can be who I am now. I love you Mak.

Babah, I miss ur nags, how u love to extend your nagging, the sound of u knocking on my door to wake me up in the morning, your willingness to tail alongside me to get my Uni's stuff taken care of, the hardships of u picking me up from work late at night and sacrifice your night rest, eventhough it is the only time u can rest.

fuhh. my eyes are starting to get wet now.

Deon, I will miss fighting with you, making lame jokes with you and bossing you around. though you love to annoy me and I enjoy the time I annoy you, although you always slammed door right on my face when we fight, i will miss you, i will miss you.

home, though you are not as pretty as other's, though you are not as neat as others, though you din have big screen TV or functional air-conditioner, although you are really steaming up heat during the day and always let mosquitoes in during the night, I will miss you, I will miss you, for you are the only home I know, for you have been the witness of my growing up, the witness of my changes, my moodswings, and the keeper of all my secrets.

Bintulu, although you are not as big as other, not as grand as other, not as fun as other, i will miss you, i will miss you for u have stored most of my sweetest memory, for you have been there when I paint my dream, plot my revenge, wipe my tears and share my inappropriate laughs.

Pandat, although you love to poop everywhere, although you enjoy biting my toe, although you always interupting my online time, although you always messing things in my room, i will miss you, i will miss you.

Peanut, although you always tail me and annoy me, rip my clothes and poop anywhere you like, although you always sleep in an inappropriate position,though you enjoy messing around when I'm ironing my hijab, I will miss you, I will miss you.


i will miss them all, a lot.

Pahang, please be nice to me. :3


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Mr. A said...

Pahang, be nice to her :3

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