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Friday, October 28, 2011

espresSoup. just another reason to be fat


Writing just to tell you guys that I love to eat. Love it like love it love it.

and hell yeah, I'm 50kg and i'm happy.

fattily happy. heh heh.

anyhoo. a week of holidays and I'm back baby. touchdown C2210 at 6pm, terus mandi and etc etc. what a long week and super fun too. part yang super fun adalah i get to meet my Mr.A. fuu rindu serindu rindunyaaaaaa. heh heh.

going back to topic, masa cuti seminggu tu, naz dengan jayanya gain approximately 2kg. all because of all the indulgences and great food i enjoyed with him for the last 5 days. one of 'em is EspresSoup. woot. soup sangat sedap okeh. I opt for Chunky Mushroom Soup.

and now i know, mushroom soup + chrysanthemum white tea was a great combination. surely will come there again, wanna try their farmer bread and chicken soup. wooh~

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