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Thursday, January 05, 2012

absolute crap.


hell-o. just accomplish something in my dearest life here. i have successfully turn down offer to go out and eat just so i can study. i sacrifice 2 hours of eating and chit chatting with dearest friend just so i can revise the chapters that i've missed.

but then, rasanya the other main strong reason that makes me do the decision is simply, ambang kemiskinan still waving their wave up and down, side to side on me. damn, i hate being penniless. well, i practically have money, but just barely enough to save me from chronic famine.

yes, i choose to study and let my hunger down. stomach, again, i am terribly sorry for what i've been doing to you this past few weeks. i promise, i'll make it up to you. dont hold it against me, take it as a punishment for the unnecessary enlargement u made few months back and making those pretty dress that i used to loved doesnt fit me anymore. come to think of that, you know what, stomach, i am not sorry. u deserved it. and for that, i sentenced you for 3 days of hunger. you can plea, now. ok, i'll be lenient. 3 days of bread only. serve you right.

ok. now i think i've gone a bit crazy. talking to my own stomach? omegle, i think i've driven off track.

oooh earthling, i'll get back to you later, i have a life i need to catch back. see you when i've finally get a grip!

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