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Monday, November 12, 2012

it's 3 am. And i'm not asleep yet. why? just because.

i'm in someone else's room. not mine. and i feel. lonely.

seeing people around me, they changed. some make a change that impacted me, abruptly. some make tiny changes, almost get going unnoticed.

either way, sooner or later, by minutes or by years, people change. do expect that.

jangan terkejut andai ada orang yang anda kenal berubah beberapa tahun mendatang, mungkin, beberapa hari selepas itu. mungkin.

normal semua tu. normal.

naz sendiri berubah. a lot. i'm not the same person i was few years back. what kind of change if u must ask, i cant really answer it. the thing is, i'm not in the place that I can judge whether i've changed to be better or otherwise. i just can't.

it's okey. there is a particular one who have all the position in world to judge me; Allah.

on unrelated topics,

day goes by unnoticed. it's mid semester already. four more weeks of lecture and there goes study week and final exam. and i'm done for the semester. another 5 semesters to go. *sigh*

there are times I feel like I would really like to give up studying although how much I love it. it's exhausting and time consuming. it's pressuring and stressing. it makes me sleep deprived, even worse, there are times it makes me bed ridden, for few days. to the point of i've lost my momentum now that i feel like the only time I feel like studying is.....none.

have you? feel like this?

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