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Monday, December 10, 2012




you know, dalam hidup kita kan, kita selalu terlepas pandang akan sesuatu. selalu ignore things yang sebenarnya sangat penting bagi kita.

bila kita terasa sunyi, terasa macam kita ni sorang-sorang je, pernah tak kita terfikir untuk pandang sekeliling kita?

lihat dan bukak mata kita besar besar.

mungkin. hanya mungkin. there are someone who always loved us, be with us, smile and listen to us. but we choose to ignore them. for us, they are insignificant. without knowing the fact that, they have done a lot to us.
we choose to ignore.

up till we lose them.

we should learn, to appreciate.

like this movie i watched, All About My Wife. A husband whom his wife loves no nags and criticize about almost everything. he felt ashamed and embarrassed of his wife. He asks a Casanova to seduce her and when she fell for the Casanova then the husband realize how much he miss the wife's nag and criticism.

he's lucky because despite her thick-skinned and nagfull self, she truly loved him, even the Casanova aren't able to move her hard. the only reason she fell for the Casanova because he treat her like a woman, after all those years her husband trying to get rid of her. he is one hell of a lucky husband to have a loving wife like her.

you see, in real life, we are not that lucky.

we might have oversaw people, or things that actually matters to us.

start paying attention, from now on.

look around. widen your perspective. see with your heart.

the thing is,

show some appreciation to people around you.

who know, one of them might be your true love.

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