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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

just when life get's tougher, keep holding on.

this is the moment when i need you. i need you. so much.

i have my mood swings, i get annoyed easily and my anger is quite unbearable.

and i need you. i just need you now.

when life get this tough, i need something, or at least someone to hold on to.

so please, stop make me mad and do think before you talk.

since i'm in a vulnerable moods and i most likely would get angry instead of laugh or anything related closely to it.

i have my time of life where i'm so stressed out and i need space to think.

i have my time of life where i feel like world are going down on me and my brain are cramped with millions of problem.

yes. i do think about that particular concern, but then, i need not to ted out, not now, tedding out isnt helping me to solve it. all we need to do is wait,and pray. and. i need not to be reminded on that every single day every single second of my life. i know, i made mistakes and i realize how i need to pray for worse not to happen. in any case,i've done that and still doing that and reminding me every single second of my life make me even more nervous and it's not helping me at all. i am, you should know, a paranoid person. thinking of that particular matter again and again depressed me and i really dont need depression in my life now. not now, not never. so, please.

i. am. 19. years. old.

i know, i'm not as good as you, i've made mistakes, but in that matter, i do realized what i need to do.

so, stop reminding me of my mistake, every.single.second.of.my.life.

it does not help.

so here i am, telling you, what have been bothering and what have i kept all this while in this messy and unkempt brain of mine. should you understand or share you emphaty, i will not ask. i have done what i should though I know i did it in unappropriate medium. i do apologize but this is the only way i can talk out my feeling because talking is not working since whenever i start to talk about that with you, my tears will only going to race it way out of my eyes, so i better shut it up.

so now you, know, please do understand.

a girl who just need a rest.

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