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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brown is the new black \m/


hello people of all ages.<---cant believe that I took like a day to write this. thanks stupid laptop!

on contrary, nax dapat dah contact lens baru. hari tu nax beli online kat NH Cosmetics. I bought the clearance stock one, brown colour. wee.

the delivery arrived quite late. sebab pengurusan pejabat kolej kediaman agak slow sikit. so it takes a week la untuk dapat bungkusan kan. so, takdapat nak salahkan diorang jugak sebab bukan diorang nak uruskan satu dua bungkusan dan surat menyurat yang diorang kena uruskan kan. so, sabar je la.

anyhooooo, I just pick it up yesterday. wee.

sorry if my creepiness shocks you. hehhe. yeah. I does not really show right? macam tak menonjol sangat. bagus la. hehe. naz ada satu lagi contact lens. warna purple. hehe. i look weird in that lens so i will not post any pictures or else you guys will suffer from heart attack.

not creepy enough?

sorry for my the ugliness
well, takde beza sangat pun naz pakai atau tak pakai lens tu. just mata naz nampak lebih bulat dan besar la. hee

see the difference?

naz beli for only RM25 a pair. i dont know if it's still avaiable but there are still range of beautiful contact lenses to choose from at NH Cosmetics. It's easy to deal with the owner and I am 100% satisfied with the services.

so, what are you waiting for? visit NH Cosmetics and grab some contact lens to complete your looks! :)

notakaki : sejak dua menjak ni naz rasa naz dah jadi promoter plak -.-!

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