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Monday, October 10, 2011

that soothing effect.


have I ever mentioned to you guys how stressed I am these few days? dengan assignments yang melambak, lab report yang berganda-ganda banyak nya, I think the wrinkles on my face has doubled or even tripled. I bet I look older than ever before. and also the eyebags. i think my eyebags has gotten bigger as I always stay up late.

semalam, sambil-sambil mengukur keluasan Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan, nax sempat menyopingkan diri di watson. I bought Maybelline Baby Lips, perasa anti-oxidant berry untuk gantikan my long existance Maybelline Lip Balm perasa Rose Red. sedap. hehe. and colourless.and the packaging was sooo cute! biru-pink. so i loike. hehe.

then nax tergerak hati nak beli mask. huhu. lama dah tak jaga muka. sebelum ni selalu je tenyeh-tenyeh muka dengan Garnier Peel Off Lemon Mask, sangat best and boleh pakai 4 kali tau! sekarang nak cuba benda lain plak. so.. I bought..

My Scheming Provence Lavender Soothing Mask.

I bought it for only RM6.90. lepas guna baru nak terfikir untuk buat review. seriously time pakai, I feel sooo calm and soothe. rasa nak tertido-tido nax pakai ni. sangat calm. it was like sudden calmness. 

you can only find it at Watsons!

memandangkan nax takde amik gambar before I wear it, so I cant really show you the comparison. tapi seriously after using it, my skin feels and looks fresh, energetic and quite soft. I look more radiant in an instance.

this is after i used the mask. look nicer right hehe. edensukosebabedennampakputihgilo.

seriously I look fairer and I crap you not, it's not because of the lighting and I edit non of the pictures. I can feel the vivid changes. hehe. you guys should try it!

Provence Soothing Lavender Mask, as soothing as it's name!

cepat cepat lari ke Watson and grab 1!

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