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Monday, November 14, 2011

30 days challenge : Day 4-Your Favourite Photograph of your Bestfriend.


Heyhey. it's day 4 already and the challenge continue. i've had my lunch and super full now. walaupun lunch tu pedas gila, atleast mengenyangkan. huhu. kenapalah diaorang tu buat kari pedas sangat. terbakar lidah. haish. tapi.. takkan nak makan ayam goreng je kan hari hari. tsk tsk.

ok, moving on to the challenge. day 4 is about bestfriend. I have quite a number of besties, i guess. the favourite photograph would be numerous too. tak pe kan kalau letak lebih dari satu?

here goes :

but the most favouritest is..

the bestest friend i ever have in the world, mom :)))

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