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Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 days challenge : Day 3-Your Idea of The Perfect First Date


hey there. It's day 3 already? (though I skipped a day). have to distress so I went outing with my lovelies and ofcourse Mr.A. he's in Kuantan. huhu. we missed each other a whole lot that he come here though we've seen each other for a straight week, just a week ago.

ok we should skip that vomit inducing stuff aint we?

anyhoo, proceeding to what this entry all about.the challenge continue although i procrastinate a bit. well, day 3 is all about my idea of a perfect first date.

since nax ni simple je orangnya, (simple ke mak dat?) maka my idea of perfect first date should be a simple one too.

first of all, that person I'm going to date is going to pick me up. and i loath the idea of waiting, so he must be punctual.

next, flower. i really dream of before going to a date, the guy present me with a bouquet of pink roses, or any lovely looking flower. but not lilies. it bring the meaning of friendship and that's should mean that the guy doesnt want any far from being a friend.

then, food. me love food. so, good food is a must. hihi. tak payahla nak pergi candle light dinner ke, restoran berpusing 720 darjah ke, dinner kat atas rooftop ke. cukup mcD. tapi, the food must on that guy and all i need to do is sit and wait for the food to come to me. and he must know what i like. so sebelum nak ajak naz dating, the guy kena buat homework sikit la pasal nax. but then, it simply show how much that guy really care about me. kalau dia beli makanan yang at least menepati selera nax(walaupun dia tak belikan quarter pounder), maksudnya dia ada beri perhatian kat kesukaan nax.

then, time. masa itu penting. the perfect first date should end with a stroll. tak kisah la, stroll along the beach, park or even drive around town. yang penting ada masa untuk kitorang cakap benda yang heart to heart. or just simply to know each other better. itu yang penting. tak perlu nak habiskan ratusan ringgit.

itu semua cukup bagi nax.

setakat ni, En.A dah buat semua tu except for the flower. still wait that from you sayang. hihi.

so, run along now. i need to deal with my pain stacking assignments. i need to face the endless pit of works. pray for me to not lose my mind after. toodles now.

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