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Friday, November 11, 2011



Final Exam is only a month away.

it's creeping me out. I need to be in that dean list. I desperately need that. I am about to apply for JPA scholarship next sem so I really need to excel in this exam.

baru tadi dapat carry marks untuk 2 subjek core nax. carry mark sem ini adalah 30%. Cell and Molecular Biology ok lagi. bley consider lagi.

yang buat nax down tahap hentak kepala kat bantal adalah Biochemistry. carry mark sikit je. low than what i'd expected. and i have to struggle gila kentang untuk dapat A in biochemistry.

at a brief moment, i have to say goodbye to my dream to get that 4 flat. but then Mr.A was there, giving me pep talk i need. though, somehow, i pissed him off a bit. sorry baby.

failing to get enough carry marks is not a reason to give up that dream of getting 4 flat. it is suppose to be a booster, that will inspire me to work harder in facing my final exam. yeah, like always, he's right.

tak patut rasa down sebab carry mark. i have another 70% to go for. so i need to struggle a bit harder to get that. and, that is exactly what i'm going to do.

so, let the fight begin. I will struggle my ass off to nail the exam.

Allah, naz mintak. naz mohon. naz merayu padaMu, Allah.
kurniakan kecekalan untuk sentiasa berusaha.
kurniakan istiqamah biar usaha itu tidak putus
hadiahkanlah keutuhan hati, supaya putus asa tidak mendatangi,
hadiahkanlah kerajinan agar matlamat itu dapat dicapai

berikan keteguhan nafsu, supaya boleh menepis dugaan
berikan ketabahan hati, supaya boleh menentangi cabaran
salurkan kemudahan tiap urusan,
permudahkan setiap kesusahan.
berikan keinginan tinggi, untuk mencapai kejayaan.


wish me luck and pray hard for me people. thanks. :)

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