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Sunday, December 25, 2011

terbengkalai lah sudah~


it's a quarter after 1, i'm all alone and i need you now..

yes. i need my mom and i need my dad.


well, agak rasa bersalah sebab dah lama naz abaikan blog ni. dulu janji nak update setiap hari lah konon, well well, tak terupdate dah hampir sebulan dah. blame the hectic weeks and piles of assignments. seriously I almost cant breathe amids the busy-ness and works.

well, semua tu dah berakhir. semua kerja dah disiapkan isnin yang lepas, test2 dan quizzes pun dah hadap dengan hangkang nya, dan sekarang, time to sit back, relax. yeahh, what a life.

tettt! no no no. not yet, naz. u have finals, remember? danggg. boleh aku lupa final seminggu lagi. i really need a wake up call. haiz. sampai bila nak bersenang2 ni. i shud have started studying, like now. kalau boleh memang naz taknak ulang perangai time kat matrik dulu-dulu tau takkkkkkk. study last minit dan sebagainya. haiz. i. need. to. start. now.

haiz, i dont know when will that be effective,immediately or 3 more days. i really dont know.

on contrary, we are only left for 5 days before 2011 end. so, how's your 2011 so far? is it great? well, i'll sum up my 2011 when 2011 really end, 5 days later, that is. well, i think u guys should sit back and relax too, think about what have you done, what have you achieved in 2011. and what you want to do with your life when the new year come. who knows, new year, new you? no one can really tell.

so, goodbye now, people of all gender and races.

sleep tight!

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