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Monday, February 20, 2012

the start of second semester


subhanallah! dah sem dua dah rupanya! cant believe that i've survived my 1st semester as a student in UMP. alhamdulillah. and i passed with flying colour too. all because of Allah, and of course, du'a, efforts, istiqamah as well as tawakkal. Alhamdulillah!!

anyhoo, i started my 2nd semester a week late since i have this AIESEC camp for a week at UKM called myLDS. man, at first i tot i would be very boring and i never paid any attention to any of announcement regarding the camp at fb before at all. i just ignored it. and boy how i regret to not pay any attention to it before.

the camp turn out to be really awesome and spectacular. it's so far the coolest leadership seminar i ever attended. before, when i heard of leadership seminar a.k.a kursus kepimpinan, first thing that would popped out of my mind is : BORING! well, this myLDS is damn far from boring, not even close, man! every single day of the conference was awesome and filled with fun stuff. the facis were the best, the gave all they have to make our experience in the conference the best we will ever have. the activities all are filled with input as well as excitement. i learned a lot, far more than what i have learned before.

beside learning how to be a proper leader, i also learned a little bit about how to do business properly, pitching in business idea etc etc. damn, how amazing that is, making me more interested in opening my own pharmaceutical company. thanks myLDS to boost my confidence in pursuing my dream. before, i never think that i would actually achieve that particular dream of mind, so i kept i buried deep inside me for so long, but now, myLDS has thought me one precious lesson, JUST DO IT!

all and all, one week filled with useful input as well as memorable experiences. it has achieved far beyond my expectation. i have now broaden my social circle, gain more knowledge than i have ever before. i came back to UMP with hand and mind filled with useful lessons and the experience i will never get from anywhere else other that myLDS. now, i am more than certain that i will remain in AIESEC and go through my journey, and now, i am determined to try for GCDP (Global Community Development Program) or exchange program competition that will start on 20th February.

now i shall get back to bed and leave u guys with some photos i have taken during myLDS.

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