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Thursday, March 01, 2012

first impression.


it has been a while since i'd updated my blog due to packed schedules. *pack la sangat, pack dengan Running Man!


yes, my free time has been occupied by watching Running Man. I'll take whenever free time I have to watch it, given it 10 minutes or even less. damn, i'm officially addicted to this stuff. i might have been a little bit slow on this thing since it have been popular since the past 2 years. argh, nevermind, it's still damn hilarious, man. i laugh my *tut* out watching the casts members giving their all out in doing a mission. fuhh.

well, that's about it, my detail excuse of why i have abandoned my blog for quite some time.

now, i would like to talk about FIRST IMPRESSION. *due to Technical English class, i ought to use a more formal way of writing. tch.

well, i have gone through an annoying stuff(or more like person) these past few days. people say, first impression is most crucial thing in knowing a new person, right? if u gave a worse first impression, it may affect the way people going to treat you in the future.

well, i am a type of person who really takes first impression as something important. i judge people on the first time i see them. yes, i admit that, i'm quite judgemental. but then, i am a type of person who really try my best to give the best first impression to other so that it would be easy for me to communicate with them later.

if that particular person give you a strong first impression that they are a quiet person, but then u discover he/she is quite talkative, i could say it's a good thing. but them, if the person give you a rude first impression, whereby they are very rude and harsh and vulgar, i would say that even the person are nice to you after that initial impression, i would always see that person as a rude and vulgar. it affect how i treat that person the next time i see him/her.

making a good first impression show the fact that you are willing to be friend and actually are sincere towards that person.

but then, if the case that that is how you act, i think you should really go and live in your own world because not all people can accept being treated rude by the person they met for the first time.

i could say i'm a person with cold heart, hardly touched by those vulgar words but then, rude first impression is a total no-no to me. note that.

well, i have to rush to class now. Applied Statistic is calling my name and i better score A in this one! wish me all the best, people!

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