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Saturday, March 03, 2012

another untitled craps.



another unproductive saturday. assignment dah melambak nak kena hantar Isnin ni. thanks to Briged Siswa camp that have kill every part of my human body and intention to get all my works done. dammit.

seriously malas. presentation, assignment Biophysical, proposal, etc. nothing has even started yet and the deadline is nearer. all thanks to briged siswa camp.

few more hours and i'll be having my date with Pacat. tsk. i'm extremely nervous and restless. i dont really give a damn about being left alone in the middle of the forest at midnight, all those supernatural thingy really didnt give me a fright, for I know, Allah is always there for me, and that kind of thing do afraid of Allah too, so we are even

what i'm worried about is pacat. not that i say Allah can not save me, i know Allah can. Allah is capable of anything. however, having the thought of pacat sucking on my blood and bla bla bla, hearing those frightening story about how one can die because of pacat attacking at unappropriate places on their body really freaking out. tsk. Allah, do let my camping day a safe one and I can survive it till the end.

guys, please do pray for me to survive until the end of the camp, ok!

p/s : this is pacat for those who didnt know what it is, i dont know what this stupid creature called in English.

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