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Monday, March 05, 2012

one sleepless night camp.


hey hey hello earthling!

what a busy Monday. i have just got back from a one night camp at Paloh Hinai, opposite to Sungai Pahang in order to complete my Briged Siswa module.

Alhamdulillah, fortunately i successfully survive the sleepless camp without encoutering En.Pacat that have bugging my mind before. the activities were packed and tiring but all and all it's fun. we enter a jungle in the middle of the night and right at 3 am which is famous as 'the darkest hour", we are released one by one for a Solo Nightwalk where we will be walking alone in the specific part of the jungle, without any light aids. I was the third last person to be released. i was soo excited to walk alone, since it was my first time jungle trekking at night, so i was eager to see what it's like to be wandering alone in the jungle. it was pitch black and i cant barely see the pathway. the moon has resided to the other part of the world, so there is no other lights aid. i just go with the flow. i'm quite afraid myself, since it's 3 am and it is the peak hour for those supernatural things to be wandering around and messing around with me. so, i keep on repeating Al-Qursi in my mind, hoping that Allah will save me if anything bad happened to me.

however, after 10 minutes of walking, i was shocked since there's an indian girl suddenly appeared in front of me. she looked puzzled, and ask me the direction. at first, I recite Al-Qursi and 3 Quls, to be sure that she's a mortal. nothing happened so I tell her to just go straight along the path. she said that she's afraid.

annoying that she has interupted my excitement of "solo" walk, I keep on sighing and yelling at her, "Please walk faster and keep your far distance from me! this is suppose to be a solo walk" i yelled, annoyingly. she just show her "muka seposen" and it makes me more annoyed. damn.

there goes my first experience of solo walk in the jungle. i dont know what is so hard for her to just go straight and follow along the path. keep on saying she dont know where to go when the instructor has specificly said to just go straight and there is no left or right turns.

it kills my excitement for the night. we finished our trekking at 5 am. after cleaning myself and changes, I just get to rest for 30 minutes and at 7.15 we're called to kawat. i think, that was the worsest kawat practice I ever been. i was so restless and sleepy. what ever chance i get, i will take a nap. even while standing up, i take the chance to snooze a while. i was damn sleepy.

the next activity was soooooooooo exciting, Water Confidence. we have the opportunity to do it at Sungai Pahang, one of the widest and longest river in East Malaysia. the river is not that deep. it was in the middle of the day, so the sun strike has made me sunburn. when i get into the water, it was quite cold. as i was floating away to the checkpoint, i'm enjoying the greenery and the feeling is so soothing. again, the route to the checkpoint is quite far, so in the middle of floating away, I take the chance to snooze for a while. hihi. it was nice and so peaceful. the picturesque scenery takes my breath away and uninttendedly i keep on saying Subhanallah, for how breath taking it is the creation of Allah. it made me realise how by seeing the beauty of Allah's creation can make one feel grateful.

we get back to UMP after lunch and zohor aprroximately at 3 pm. i was so tired that after I take my bath, I straight away go to sleep and missed my Asar and Maghrib prayer.

well, that's it all about my weekend. how about yours?

p/s : the entry is filled with words and no picture since we are not allowed to bring any electronic gadget during the camp.

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