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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Donkey and The Well


I found this motivating and inspiring story in #9gag. ironic, isn't it? heheh. well, life is filled with unexpected event. we just need to be ready for anything!

well, the story is about a donkey and the well.

Once upon a time, an old donkey fall into a deep well. It panicked and tried his best to shouts and screams for help. he cries and cries for hours. he pray hard and he pray diligently. "O lord, please help me, oh please, please help me"
credit : #bing

He was fortunate as his cries for help has been heard by a farmer, who coincidentally was passing over the well. Seeing the farmer, he cries piteously for help, hoping that the farmer can figure out way to get him out of the well.

The farmer think hard and finally he figured out what to do. He decided that, since the donkey has gotten old and might not bring him any good and plus the well has been needed to be closed for a long time anyway. thus, he gathered all the villagers, with their shovels. He asked them to start shoveling the dirt into the well.

The donkey now, realizing what his master was doing, cried and cried more piteously and loudly. however, few moments later, to everyone amazement, the donkey stopped crying. The old little donkey has come up with a genius plan to escape.

For every mount of dirt hits his back, he would shake it off and take a step up of the growing mount of earth.Eventually the mount grew high enough for him to step out of the well and happily trotted off.

you see people, life is going to shovel earth on you. all you need to do to get out of it is to shake it off and take a step up. By doing that, even we are trapped in the deepest well, we can still survived and managed to get out if we shake the dirt off, take the step up and never give up!

p/s : totally inspired by this. Life's dirt, come come, I'll shake you all off like a boss!

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