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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Instagram come to life!

Hey! 'sup?

hehe. entahlah, sejak dua menjak nih, naz macam makin minat la pulak Instax camera ni. especially the one in my wishlist. fuhh. macam, macam, macam, cool lah. konon.

terasa hipster sekejap. well, say whatcha gonna say, haters gonna hate, and I'm going to pass my statistics quiz tomorrow. muehehehe.

perfectly pointless and deviated.

back to topic, you see, this past few weeks, I keep on stumbling upon pictures in facebook posted by people via Instagram. you know, the apps that is avaiable for Iphone and Android phone. ala, yang post picture ala-ala instagram picture,tapi dalam bentuk maya.

well, now, there's a new concept yang membanjiri pencarian google, that is, making Instagram's apps into life.
what? whaaaaaaaaaaat? Real Instagram. I mean, come one, the icon is cute but making it into real things? that kind of, unbelievable, isnt it?

No. nothing is impossible in this life. The new concept that has been on and on in the net was...

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

credits : Mr.Google

the specifications and amazing features would be :

credits : Mr.Google

- 16 GB mass storage;
- Wifi and Bluetooth;
- 4:3 touchscreen;
- 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing;
- Optical zoom;
- Led Flash;
- Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real;
- Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets;
- Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks;
- InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature;

wow! macam best kan! reading through blogs and websites that mentioned about this amazing instant camera really makes me itch to call it my own. however, it's still a concept. so takpayah la gatal-gatal nak tanya harga berapa, it doesnt been realized yet, baru idea yang rasanya kalau betul-betul come to life and enter the market, would be a total hit!

p/s : agak-agak kalau keluar market, berapa riban ek?

2 gossip gossip:

wa khairul onggon said...

kmk mok sigek! mo mo..

naxirahShiitake said...

WKO-maok juak! tapi lom da di pasaran. baruk concept!

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