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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

sad panda, demotivated panda, me.


i'm stressed out and depressed. and yeah, demotivated.

Allah has promised, whoever work for what they want they will get what they want.

need not to argue with that, Allah always keeps his promise, no matter what. it's just how we see it.

being positive all the time is difficult. seriously, not all people can do that all the time. those negative energy around you, isn't any help at all.

by all means, i think i should be grateful,the fact that I still can  stay sane and not lose my mind in mid air.

man jadda wa jadda!

oh ya, maybe my effort is not enough that it resulted this way. depressed, but i have no choice, it
s my own fault. if anyone to blame, the finger should point on me.

things does not goes my way, my fault.

people around me annoyed me, my fault.

i'm getting angry and mad and nuts for no reason, menses. it's menses people!

something missing, i need to complete that puzzle.

Allah help me, get me out of my confusion!

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