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Thursday, November 29, 2012


hey. it's been a while since i post anything personal.

well, i feel like writing.

you know, these past few weeks, I have been cramped with works and assignment. i have meeting almost every night and I just got back from Perak. it's tiring but at the same time satisfying.

you know, it's been a while since i get in contact with Mr.A. well, not to say it's a good thing but then, i feel like, yeah, this is what we should do, right.we rarely texts, and rarely talk on the phone. and i'm happy with it.

well, tak semestinya we are in love, kita kena contact like, every minute or so right? I'm done with texting every single hours, phone call every night, reporting this and that. when I do that now, I feel like I have no freedom. I mean,even my own mom did not ask for daily reports, why should I report my daily activities to a person who share no blood relations to me, or even not my husband? I see no point on doing that.

so sekarang, I will only notice him if there is important thing I need him to know, other than that, I'll go and live myself, freely without having to think of what to report and what not. isnt it tiring? kalau dah on the phone almost everyday, then when you meet, what else to talk about? You see, we rarely meet and now we don't even been in contact with each other, I mean, rarely la. but then when we meet, we have tonnes of things to say. what ever we do, where ever we go, we always have things to say. we never run out of things to say, because we've been keeping it for us to talk face to face. it's even fun and precious.

i see things that way now. just because you are a couple, you need to act like married one. you are not married to that person, you are not oblige to tell them everything, to report everything. we you both destined to marry each other, by that time you already run out of things to share and say, then you get bored of your other half. don't even try to deny it, we are human,we are made to be unsatisfied of what we have.


if we truly thinks that Allah is sufficient (which we should), then, that would be another story.

well. i should get some sleep. got a listening test to go through tomorrow. see you!

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Ardillion said...

Omg, i have the same feel with you...
aiya, why no girl are ever like you?

There are times where I don't really wana talk at all yet I had to zzzz...

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