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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

being yourself, being proud.

sobakhul khair! it's tuesday. I finally got the grip of my tumbly life after coming back from Mid National Convention. well, i'm not writing this entry to talk about that. i'll be rambling about that in another entry.

well, after the conference i cant seem to get myself right. I was lost and my brain can't function well. no matter how hard I was reading the notes to get myself ready for Microbiology quiz yesterday, everything seems to be.. well.. rather useless. I answer the questions without even properly thinking. no matter how hard I tried, I can't never seem to be forking out the answers that I've been studying my ass off the past few days. well, that was frustrating.

and no matter how long I nap, I'm still sleepy I end up sleeping and 8pm yesterday. so here I am, feeling all fresh and hopefully my brain function well today. I have one English assesment and Biomaterial quiz to catch up today.

well, whenever I feel like I am not myself, there's one particular song that really get me back together. give me the courage to find myself back. it's a malay song, from EdCoustic. here's the lyric:

Tak seperti bintang di langit
Tak seperti indah pelangi
Karena diriku bukanlah mereka
Ku apa adanya
Dan wajahku memang begini
Sikapku jelas tak sempurna
Ku akui ku bukanlah mereka
Ku apa adanya
Menjadi diriku
Dengan segala kekurangan
Menjadi diriku
Atas kelebihanku.......
Terimalah aku
Seperti apa adanya
Aku hanya insan biasa
Ku pun tak sempurna
Tetap ku bangga
Atas apa yang ku punya
Setiap waktu ku nikmati
Anugerah hidup yang ku miliki

here's the video :

hopefully this song can help you guys too, to find yourself again and stand tall :)

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