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Monday, March 11, 2013

of sweet dreams and nightmares.

I'm a type of person who never really remember my dreams. may it be sweet dreams or nightmares, my tendency to forget about it the next day is quite high.

but not last night's. i've been having those kinds of dreams quite some time now, it's been a while since I have one but then this particular dream is like the ending for all my related dreams.

he got snatched away.

I'm letting go.

She take him away from me.

before, it was just like, he cheats me off with her, but it never have any proper ending. either I woke up in the middle of an argument. I see him, clearly, but not her. but I know it's her.

not this dream. I see him, and her, and the environment clearly. and I remember every little details, every little conversation.

is this the ultimatum?

who knows. i don't really believe in dreams. it's just my subconscious mind and insecurity, as what he said. well, i dont feel insecure at all. none. I've let go, I have accept the fact that she and him will never be together, well atleast that what I thought.

but then again I believe in fate. in this two years, without the akad, he's free to go. and in this two years, a lot of thing can happen.

and in my life, so far, usually the unpredictable always happens. things that I afraid the most, that will happen.

hopefully, this time around, it won't.

Allah, ease my heart. Give me the ultimatum. let me free. :')

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