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Saturday, July 06, 2013

after a while.

Hello! fuhh after a week of intense conference I am finally home! unfortunately I have to go to work the very next day!

going back home this time is totally different. It's not as usual where I have that particular person to accompany me and bid me goodbye. I am all alone when I'm at the airport. I have to go there early and I spent like 8 hours at the airport. But then I got last minute company, which I mean literally last minute. He came 15 minutes before I go to the waiting room! Thanks "awak" for coming to LCCT all the way from Perak just to see me off. It means a whole lot to me.

Well, I can say that I'm pretty much emotionally stable now. I can take it now, what ever happened, has happened for a reason, right? I still have more things I need to worry about. I just finished my 2 years of study and I have 2 more years to look up to. and then only I think I would consider being in relationship again.

yes, I miss him. I miss him a whole lot. But the decision has been made. If we are meant to be together, we will be, who knows what the future hold for us.

argh I'm tearing now. stop it Nazirah, you need to focus!

well, on unrelated notes, I have finally done with NATCON! it was such an amazing experiences where I learned a lot! coming back from NATCON with mind and hand full with knowledge and I need to get started on my Gantt Chart and also developing the tools for tracking and process optimizing. I can say I would go through intense and busy semester ahead with more and more difficult courses I need to take to finish up my degree.

well, at least I have something that can keep my mind off those depressing thing.

pray for me people. May I heal in time.

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