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Sunday, July 07, 2013


People say I have change a lot. especially in terms of appearance and physical. Apparently I have grown fatter and the changes are very much vivid. *sigh* let's see.

this is me on my first semester of my degree (2011)
this is on the second semester (2012)
This would be on the first day of my third semester (2012)

This is my latest semester, semester 4 (2013)

did I really changed that much? I didn't see much different though. Maybe because it's just picture. well, look can be deceiving though. We can't assume that that particular person is a happy person eventhough they laugh and smile a lot. maybe it's just an act of hiding, from things that hurt them. Well, we never will really know.

Going through these past few months, loads of things change before my eyes. Apparently people around you will eventually change, in time. It's just the matter how fast or how slow the changes are. how insignificant or how vivid the changes would be, it's depends on us to judge it.

well, at least it help me to grow. I have grown a lot these past few years. I started to see how irrelevant my life is before this. How I have actually let go a lot of good things and hurt a lot of good people. I have lose some good friend along the way, not to mention let go guy that actually cares for me.

Going through the memory lane, I managed to reconnect with one of the guy who actually care about me a lot before. I see how he changed to be very much a mature man, able to have self control and are different from whom I know before. He has completely transformed. and sadly he's not mine to keep, he has found someone better. I am actually happy for him, the fact that at least I know he still care for me and still have the feelings we used to share before. it's okay, maybe we are not meant to be together. I am glad that we are still friends :)

I lose some and I gain some. I guess, that's life.

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