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Thursday, November 21, 2013

You think you have forever, but you don't

You know, Grey's anatomy has always have the best quote and it really gets into me. This is my favorite in season 2.

It's true in my opinion

The thing is, death can come to us at any time, at any given condition. we never knew when will be our last time.

when will be our last time to eat, what is our last meal.

most importantly, what did we do the moment before we died. the last thing we do before we're wiped out from the surface of this earth.

who we remembered the last? our family? our love of our life? or Allah?

whose name we called the last?

those kind of question rarely popped up of our mind.

because we never knew when is the last time.

we thought we have forever but the thing is, we don't. No one is born immortal, we are going to cease to exist at some point.

so my point is,

Live your life everyday like it's your last time. Make things you did count. And make sure at the end of the day Allah is the only one you have in mind before you close your eyes to sleep.

who knows, you fail to wake up next morning. No regret because at the end of your life, you have Allah in your mind.

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