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Thursday, March 22, 2012

how i crap a lot.


hye again. it's been a while. memang tu je la ayat aku. asyik mengabaikan blog je kan? nak buat camna. serious bosan hidup aku. tido makan keja tido makan study tido makan keja. diri sendiri pun tak terurus. sorry-lah!

tengok. dah sampai perenggan kedua naz boleh lupa nak cerita apa?

ohh ohh ok dah ingat. semalam, naz macam biasa la bergayut sakan dengan En.A. well, actually lama dah kitorang didnt have any long conversation. like, for the past week all have we talked about is "bangun! subuh!" or "goodnight sayang, assalamualaikum." or "kat mana ni?" or "Bz ka ya?" or "kenapa?". *sandi!
*for those who dont know sandi means "sad" or might be "pathetic" or "frustrating" too, if I'm not mistaken.

is this some kind phase or what? idk. maybe we are just too busy with work. 2nd semester of my degree is no joke, everyday I have to faced a lot of workload. painstaking!

ok back to our long conversation last night. as you all might not know, our annivessary is just a week away. so I've been trying my best to fork out what is his plan for the anny and end up knowing my anny present. it is a return flight ticket to Sarawak. ehem. some might say sweet,some might say they'd jump all over if they get it, i say it's absurd! (i'm sorry syg, i know I'm not supposed to bring this up, but then i bothers me, it bothers me a lot, not until the ticket is succesfully postpone to june).

i have the idea that celebrating annivesary is about spending time together. may it just be two of us sitting together having tea, or even sit around the cafe and chitchatting the whole day, it doesnt matter as long as we are together. having the idea to send me home on our annivesary is quite frustrating, as it kind of convey the message that you dont want to be with me, or whatever impression similar to that.

i know i was being too harsh, but the moment i know about it i cried. since, i badly want to spend our anny together. i can go back home on june and for that, i cant see him for more than 3 months. i've been thinking about that, people. that's why i'm trying my best to spend as much as physical time with him. you know, not through phone or on the net, but being there, physically with him. virtual dates sucks, guys. it makes you miss your other half even more.

tsk. well. that's it.

that is just about it. i think.

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