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Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Person.

You know, apart of my mom and abah, there's practically nobody can keep up with me. you know, how annoying I can be, how I love to provoke people's anger. my words, harsh, and usually hurts. I try my best to win every fight, every debate, every discussion. i'll try hard and do whatever there is possible to be done in order to win in a fight and be the right one. always right. that's me all right.

however, couple of years ago I found this one amazing person. who loves me, who understands me, who always keep up to my unnecessary anger and no matter how annoying I act towards that person, that particular person will just smile and keep walking by my side.

even the whole world are dissapointed with me, this person never leave my back. no matter how far I through this person out, this person will run back to me, wiped my tear, hug my sadness and disappointment away.

We fight, of course, I always says no to whatever this person said to me. I do wrong things, this person will point it out, I leach my anger to that person because pointing my mistakes. but you know, this person will smile widely, never give up to tell me I'm doing things wrong.

this person is MY PERSON.

no, this person is not my boyfriend. this person keep up with my annoying attitude and my anger. did I mentioned that already? yeah I need to mention that a million time. this person won't get angry back to me if I'm throwing my anger towards this person. this person won't talk back if I leach my annoyed self. no. when I try my best to win the argument no matter how wrong I am, this person will never raise voices, no talking back, no annoying gesture. what this person do is, listen, let me express my anger as much as I want, let me win once in a while and even if this person want to argue, the argument will be very subtle to the point that I gave up in winning and end up listening to that person advice. even my boyfriend is not like this person. this person has never even once raise voice to me. never ever.

this person is MY PERSON.

this person is Nurshahida Ramli. The bestest friend I ever have. no one ever put up to me the way she did. she'll smile no matter how harsh my words to her. she'll understand. I say no if she advice me but she never give up. she drops hints and tells me to do it indirectly without making me feel like I'm worthless of anything of that sort.

i will never find anyone as patient as she is towards me. that's why she's my person. like Christina Yang towards Meredith Gray. Like Caroline Channing towards Max Black and like Lily Aldrin towards Marshall Eriksen. I miss her. so much.

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