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Monday, December 24, 2012

the disappointment.

have you ever feel so disappointed that you've lost all the words you wanted to say? you stood there, not able to say anything, just simply speechless due to the ample disappointment?

well, that's what I felt this past couple of days. I was so disappointed that I'm lost in space.

the hope is gone.

and I'm tired.

People say LOVE is enough.

but for me FAIRNESS is more than enough.

relationship is about doing the same job from both sides.

I'm tired of fighting this battle alone. being hurt and scarred continuously. People have limit, and of course I have mine too.

but then, having able to listen to the new Pink ft. Fun. single,Just Give Me A Reason, it really opens my mind.

"we are not broken, just better, we can learn to love again."

I know, I gave chances too much that it meant nothing.

I wish, I can, but I can't

20 months.

20 months does not mean nothing for me. it means everything.

and maybe, people are right.

LOVE is enough.

but I don't know how long I can keep with this.

hanging on broken strings, I'm tired of tinkering it and repairing it. all alone.

so please, do your part too.

I too have a heart to be consider to.

I too is capable of feeling.

I guess, the reason I'm still here, standing by you, smiling, is, well..

let put it like this,

"we are better than over,"-Fynn Jamal.

I need u to understand this because I'll say all these only once and next time, well, there'll be no next time.

no more chances.

one move and it's over.

remember that.

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