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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello, 2013

2012 has end.

and that's it. nothing special. year come and end, again and again.

but one thing never left our side


as year went by, DEATH come nearer to our side.

yeah, sure, Happy New Year.

do your new year resolution list.

make your wish.

but then, have you calculated your deed? your ibadah? your preparation?

have you forgotten with the end of a new year means that your life in this borrowed world has also been a year less?

and death come nearing to us, nearer by year, day, even by every second of our life.

have you ever think about that.

start calculating your deed and ibadah, is it enough?

Day of Judgement is waiting and you know it will come.

tomorrow? will it come?

only Allah know. wallahuam bisawa'

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