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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Earning your keep.

H to the E and L L O people!

as you readers (if any) have already known, I am having my third semester break and basically I've done nothing interesting. oh, yeah, I work, at my previous workplace during my second semester break. I grew closer with the owner and we become great friends and they are happy to give a position in their shop for a month. talk about part time job, huh? kalau sebulan cuti, in my case, tak sampai pun sebulan cuti, susah nak cari part time job. mesti employer tak nak terima. they usually would prefer the one who can work around 3-6 month, if they are taking part-timer. so I am considered lucky. and my bosses are great too! they are fun and really friendly and very very easy going. they are actually nice, if we get to know them. and yes, they are very particular.

and that is where we come to my entry today (after weeks of neglect, I AM TERRIBLY SORRY). EARNING YOUR KEEP.

well, when I say my bosses are very particular, I mean that they will treat you better if you do your work better. I mean, that's fair lah kan. you kalau jadi employer pun mesti sakit hati kan when you pay someone to do something, they'll complain a lot and do it half-heartedly kan. we pay them, and they should earn they keep.

and I was thought to earn my keep.

my job here is not much actually. I spend most of my working hours browsing through YouTube and playing Minecraft games.

I was given the position of Part Time Promoter, which I promote the products we sell, tend to customer and settle some bills and invoices. My working hours start at 10 am, and ends at 7pm

I arrive at around 9.30, wait for my boss to open the showroom and I start my morning work hours, cleaning up the showroom, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the sofas and such. Then, I start doing paper works and filing, clearing all the bills, the credit card settlement if any and fax them to Miri HQ. and then I am done! I can browse around the internet while waiting for customer. most of the time, there's no customer especially during the weekdays since we are selling sofas and furniture, so I don't really expect much customer. but then things get busy when the container or delivery trucks come, or during the weekend, there'll be more customers.

and that's pretty much it.

well, kalau diikutkan my Job Description only include some paperworks and tending the customer, but I do beyond that. You would see me cleaning, some customer thought I'm the cleaner (sobs) and they get shocked when I go inside, wash my hands and tend to them. and you would see me doing filing, which what clerks or office assistants would do. I do it all. and sometime I even go out and go pay the bills or renew the company's license. how amusing.

but then I would never really complained and the fact that I dont mind doing those stuff because I was paid. and I learn to earn my keep. no works, I go find works to do. and all that usual stuffs you suppose to do when you are working. you work as you are paid. and maybe give out a bit more of your effort. bekerja utk dapat berkat dan redha Allah.

but then, that depends on people and how the believe stuffs work.

and yes, again, it does not kill you to learn how to earn your keep.

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