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Monday, January 07, 2013

of holidays and home.

7th January 2012.
done with my third semester final exam.

Degree progress :

it means that I'm almost halfway through my degree. another 5 semester.

you know, i never feel like I am going to go through things like this. I mean, terasa macam baru je habis sekolah menengah and now I'm here talking about my third semester final exam.

yeah, how I wish final exam macam ni senang macam SPM.

and how I wish masa SPM dulu tak main-main and start studying my ass off like I did now.

and even sekarang pun masih main-main lagi. entahlah. mungkin tak jumpa lagi point of anchorage tu.
sekarang dah duduk jauh dari mak abah, motivasi untuk belajar tu agak kental berbanding zaman SPM dulu, sebab sekarang baru terasa susahnya hidup takdak mak, takdak abah kat sebelah menyebelah.

macam, rasa macam, bila first sekali sampai KL, ALONE. tipulah sblm ni tak pernah sampai KL tapi masa tu bukan sorang-sorang macam ni. kalau tak dengan family,mesti rombongan sekolah atau matrik kan.

not like now. and I'm proud that I get through that. and Alhamdulillah I have my Misu's family to walk me through it.

faham tak perasaan bila kali pertama daftar universiti, Abah was not there by my side. it takes time for me to digest. Abah and Mak was there every single registering I've gone through. buat IC baru pun abah teman sampai balik, tau! Daftar tadika, mak was there until I'm done, daftar sekolah rendah, Abah wait for me sampai habis sekolah, daftar tingkatan satu, Mak walk through with me, beli buku, and even PMR, mak was there, abah was there, waiting for me until I'm done with my exam. SPM pun, abah come especially early to fetch me.

Masuk matrik pun, walaupun Abah was unable to come but Mak was there, she accompanied me and went back just 2 days after my registration when she can go back on that very same day or a day before that. Mak was there.

and for the first time of my life I'm registering for my uni alone, without Mak or Abah by my side but I walk through it, alone and now here I am, as independent as I could be.

I just wish, later on my graduation day, Mak and Abah will be able to be there and shed tears of happiness upon seeing their daughter successfully walked through her journey in her degree years and I am not planning to let Abah and Mak attend just one graduation day. there'll be another two.

yes mak, yes Abah, Nani will get that PhD and you'll have a daughter with a Dr. in front of her name.

well people, close your eyes and think,

it's not your friend or your boyfriend or your girlfriend who was there when you first go to school,
it's your abah and mak.

it's not you friend or your boyfriend or your girlfriend who'll help you unconditionally when you most need it,
it's your abah and mak.

and I know, without abah and mak, I will be here, be done with my exam although how tough it is.

and without Allah's will too, I will be standing here, being all proud of myself.

you might think this is negligible, it's life, you would say,

but being proud of yourself for the littlest achievement you've done, is what will drive you to success.

and of holidays and home,

I'm proud to say I'll be arriving home soon on thursday and finally can see faces that i terribly miss this whole 4 months and get to see the new addition in the family! I'll post about that later if I do have the time and the internet connection, that is.

until then, au revoir!
macam tak sangka plak balik cuti sebulan bawak banyak ni jah!

happy exam-ing for those who still be having their paper.

jangan jelly.

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