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Friday, January 04, 2013

Exam fever, anyone?

Finally, my killer paper has gone! GONE I SAY! well, it's really amusing, the paper I mean. Every time I read the question, I was like, "When did I learned this?"

and when the question asks,

"Write some note on PyC"

and the only things I can think of is,

"PyC is POTATO."

man. How stupid I felt that time. 

all those reading, goes to... nothing.

well, Man Jadda Wa Jadda.

I've merepek done my best.

well. back to what I was supposed to post.

you see, when people talk about exam fever, everyone will relate it to panda eyes, tak cukup makan, tak sempat nak makan, bilik sepah and what ever related to it. I mean, it's final exam, no body got time to do things when all they can think of is how to answer the paper later, isn't it.

but then, it doesn't really impact me like that.

I seems to turn to be a very happy person when it come to exam.

you see, during study week I laughed a lot. I burn a lot of calories and I eat less. and I sleep a bit more than usual. well. i mean, yeah just a bit more.

and then come the final exam week.

I eat. a lot.

I sleep. whenever I like.

I wake up when I feel like waking up.

and I eat some more.

I laughed, a lot.

and watched movie like there's no tomorrow.

and yet I am a bit proud of myself.

at least during exam there's not "POTATO" in my answer sheet.

at least I can answer most of the question.

the outcome is good I must say.

I learn to let myself free and enjoy life.

*and at the same time study my ass off so I can pass my degree to give it as a present to Abah and Mak!

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kAKak tEciK said...

yess,aku suka part potato tuhhh. jyeahhhhh !

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