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Thursday, January 09, 2014

no new year resolution.

this is the 9th day of 2014.

I did not do any 2013 recap or review nor have I done resolution for 2014.

Why, you should ask.

well, apparently I have been a lazy bum and nowadays I think new year resolution is not relevant anymore. I have done tonnes of new year resolution but none of them came true. I think it's not effective. I am still a lazy bum. I still gain weight but then I improved my GPA though.

This semester I have been focusing more on studies. I spent most of my time studying and trying to get good grades.

I am myself was shocked with the fact that I have been studying so much that all I can remember doing in this semester is studying.

I didn't go out that much anymore.

But the year of 2013 is the year I learn sooo many new things and soo many drama has happened. the most dramatic year I reckoned. Oh dangg I'm reviewing 2013 subconsciously.

No. No resolution, it will be end up un-resolve.

So this year I am going to let what ever happen, happen in their natural course and I shall not plan any of them to avoid further disappointment in myself.

If I happen to shed some weight, so good for me. Maybe because I started to realize how important it is to eat healthily, not because I planned to eat healthily.

If it so happen that my grade improve continuously, maybe because I change the way I study and start studying diligently, not because I planned to do so.

So no, no no no, this is not a new year resolution

We have been in page 9 already.

9 days has passed in 2014.

yet soooo many things happen already.

then again.

this is not a new year resolution entry.

it's just merely me saying about how un-relevant it is.


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